Having a flat belly absolutely rocks, it’s means you can wear a tight shirt and not feel self-conscience. It also means you can walk down the beach in your bikini and feel amazing and confident.

Having a flat stomach isn’t the only goal you should have either because It’s important that we eat foods that simply make us feel good inside.


You see…


Often the foods that makes us bloat are usually the same foods we don’t digest well. That means by avoiding foods, which make us bloat we will feel better and as a result also get a flatter stomach.


I hate bloating and because I have a sensitive digestive tract it’s been really beneficial for me to eat foods that match my blood type. I recommend you find your blood type if you’re not sure what it is and then eat the foods suggested. If you’re anything like me you will start feeling so so much better!

But in the mean time, below is a list of 20 Flat belly foods that will help majority of people keep a really nice flat tummy and more importantly are calming belly!

Tempeh– The Probiotics found in tempeh makes this a flat belly food. So next time you’re deciding between Organic Tofu or Tempeh, choose tempeh for the flat tummy benefits!

Eggs– Eggs not only keep you full for longer, but studies have proved the consuming eggs in the morning for breakfast can save you from eating as much as 400 calories! Best part the yolk (which is the tastiest) contains healthy fats, that help keep your belly flat and your appetite full.


Dark Chocolate– Now we have an excuse to enjoy a delicious cocoa powder and dark chocolate desserts. With Cocoa powder full of antioxidants and healthy fats, this little treat almost become guilt free!

dark chocolate

Asparagus– Asparagus is also a diuretic, which is why they’re a great flat belly food. not just this, but they’re also jam-packed with potassium. Both of which helps keep your tummy flat.


Lean Chicken Breast-Chicken is great for any time of day and best part is it helps keep your stomach fat not only because it’s high protein but because it’s a diuretic.

skinless chicken breast

Avocado-The healthy fats and high potassium content found in avocados makes this a flat belly food.

Fresh Avocado


Nut Butters– The monounsaturated fats found in all nut butters is what helps keep your belly flat and you full for longer. Spread this on some brown rice crackers next time you need a snack for amazing creamy flavour and health benefits.

nut butter


Olives oils– Olives are full of monounsaturated fats, just like nuts, which is why they’re also a perfect flat belly food. Next time you want a delicious salad dressing, ditch the creamy preservative dressings that make you bloat and just stick to some good old fashion Olive oil and lemon juice for best “flat belly” results!

olive oil


Salmon– Salmons are jam-packed with omega 3’s and that’s why they’re a great tummy flattening food. Add Salmon to your scrambled eggs with some fresh baby spinach on the side for an epic flat belly breakfast combo that will keep your full all morning long!

salmon fillet


Leafy Greens– Leafy greens are a superfood and they’re extremely low calories, so dig in and enjoy these super nutritious veggies in abundance.

leafy greens

Quinoa– Quinoa is a high protein grain that contains so many amazing minerals. It’s an alkaline-forming grain, which is why it’s so easy to digest and stomach.


Fresh Lemon– Despite the taste of lemon being “acidic” lemons are in fact alkaline forming. This means consuming lemons not only keeps your belly clean from toxins and poisons but also nice and flat!

fresh lemon

Berries– Berries are super packed with fibre and antioxidants because of this your bodies able to eliminate more regularly, which is how you’re able to keep you tummy nice and flat!



Lentils– Just like Berries on this list are high in fibre. This amazing legume keeps you full and is really easy for your stomach to process, which is why it’s a perfect flat tummy food.

brown lentils


Pumpkin Seeds– Pumpkin seeds and even almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts are great tummy fattening food because their rich in alkalising minerals and monounsaturated fats. This helps you tummy stay nice and flat!

pumpkin seeds


Chia Seeds– Chia seeds are super high in fibre and omega 3s, and that is how they keep your tummy nice and flat.

chia seeds


Pumpkin– Pumpkin is very high in potassium and so because of this it helps encourage more consumption of water. As a result of drinking more water we develop a flatter stomach.


Broccoli– Broccoli is super duper! It’s high in protein, fibre and alkaline minerals, and that is why you can eat as much broccoli as you desire and still have a flat belly. Move over celery because broccoli is here! Could broccoli be the new “zero” calorie vegetable?



Rolled Oats– Oats are amazing because they’re high in fibre and protein. they’re also filling and easy to digest, which is why they’re perfect to consume for a flat stomach.

rolled oats


Fresh Grapefruit– It’s no surprise that grapefruit is a flat belly food. This amazing alkaline forming fruit not only shrinks your belly fat but it also eats your fat away and reduces your appetite.




Now that you have 20 of the best tummy flattening foods, I have conducted an example meal plan of using all these foods, so that you can keep a flat belly all day long!



¼ cup Rolled Oats with stevia and cinnamon plus a side of Scrambled Eggs

20 Flat Belly Foods 20 Flat Belly Foods

Morning tea:

Handful of soaked raw almonds

20 Flat Belly Foods


Lean chicken breast with roast pumpkin and avocado and baby spinach leaves

20 Flat Belly Foods

Afternoon Tea:

Carrot and Celery sticks with Peanut Butter dip

20 Flat Belly Foods


Smoked Salmon Fillet with Steamed Broccoli and Leafy green salad with red onion, lemon juice and olive oil

20 Flat Belly Foods


½ cup Blueberries with dark chocolate

20 Flat Belly Foods


Elizabeth Marks

Having been overweight and unhealthy her whole childhood, Elizabeth turned things around 6 years ago and hasn't looked back. Her passion for health and weight loss is only second to her immense knowledge and creativity for delicious low calorie cooking. A Marathon runner, Entrepreneur, Soccer Lover and fan of all things Diamond.