When it comes to choosing the right snacks it can be really hard sometimes because you just don’t know what to eat? If you ever feel like this at any point of time you should always refer back to this article because I am about to solve all your problems by helping you know just the right healthy snacks to eat when and why.

As an avid snack eater, I have experimented with many different snack options. And after many years of trial and error. Yes, this is serious…laugh out loud because if you chose a snack that isn’t filling enough it will make you eat more and eating more food leads to weight gain, of course.

So I am about to share my ultimate list of snacks that help you feel full and satisfied between meals as well as keep you healthy and have your energy levels stable between meals.


Because I am predominantly an advocate of the plant-based lifestyle most of these snacks will, in fact, be “vegan” simply because that’s what I have been testing.


So with that said allow me to let you in on my secret stash of healthy, energizing, snack ideas.


14 Unsexy But Healthy Snack Ideas That Are Amazing For Weight Loss and Under 200 Calories


Gluten Free Homemade dates and coconut nutrition protein balls

Protein balls:

I am in love with protein balls because they’re filling, super easy to make on Sunday’s ready for you to devour throughout the week. They’re also high in protein, healthy fats, and fiber, which keeps you full for longer and energy levels stable between meals. They’re also super duper tasty and delicious. Here are 13 of my favorite protein ball recipes. Protein balls are best consumed in the afternoon to help prevent any energy slumps and food cravings. They’re also perfect as an evening snack!


Fresh green celery with vegetables in glasses isolated on white

Vegetable Sticks:

This might be a boring suggestion for many but believe me when I say that this is one of my most favorite snacks in the whole wide world. Why? Because they’re so healthy, energizing, low calorie, and delicious. Simply peel, seed, and slice your cucumber, especially if they’re not organic, peel your carrot and chop them into sticks, and then wash your celery and prepare them into logs. Serve with ½ juiced lemon or lime, some sea salt, and chili flakes. This will absolutely blow your mind how healthy and satisfying this snack is at any time of day.



Herbal Tea + Coconut oil:

Yes, I am still not over coconut oil and what real fan can be? Coconut oil is the best energy and brain booster ever. Start by blending a tablespoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil into you favorite herbal tea or black coffee, add some stevia for a touch of sweetness or honey if you desire and then serve as is. This drink will blow your mind just how delicious, satisfying, and energizing it is. I often have this as my morning tea but you could enjoy it in the afternoons. It’s reasonably low in calories as well especially when you enjoy it without milk or with a low-calories plant-based milk.


Shaker and protein powder on white background

Rice Protein Shake:

So it doesn’t have to be rice protein but if you’re dairy free or plant-based/vegan like me, then you can enjoy a delicious chocolate rice protein shake in the afternoon. Blend it with some pure water on its own or add your favorite plant-based milk for an ultimate filling afternoon snack. This healthy snack idea is below 200 calories and it will keep your energy stable plus prevent any starving hunger cramps while you wait for dinner. It’s my favorite afternoon snack and I have been finding it a real life-saver!


kale chips paprika in white bowl with white background

Homemade Veggie Chips:

So I don’t want to get your hopes up because they’re not exactly “chip-like” but they taste great like chips. You can make broccoli chips, zucchini chips, kale chips, eggplant chips, cauliflower chips, turnip chips, and even radish chips. The possibilities are endless and extremely tasty! Did I mention they’re also easy to make? Simple slice thinly your chosen veggies and then rub them in coconut oil plus add your favorite seasoning. Don’t add more than 2 tsp. Of oil just because the calories can add up. The other day I made eggplant chips and I use a whole small-medium eggplant that was 230g and I used 2 tsp. Of coconut oil, which weight 11g… it produced the most delicious “greasy” chips and it was perfect for what I was craving and for only 158 calories I was in heaven. I ate these for morning tea and I was satisfied nicely until lunch. You could really enjoy these any time of day because…they’re healthy!



Broccoli freshly steamed on stainless steel steamer.

Steamed Veggies:

Yes, I have mentioned vegetables again because vegetables are life and I love living healthy and energized. So if you do too, then you should try steaming your favorite veggies as a light snack. You can enjoy as is with some sea salt or even drizzle some healthy flax seed oil on top of extra satisfaction. You can consume these any time of day or night. I have even enjoyed some before bed when I’ve felt pecky. They’re easy to make and full of fiber. Opt for these when you want sometimes light and filling.


Bowl With Brazil Nuts. Raw brazil nuts in a wooden bowl from above, isolated on white background.

Raw Organic Nuts and Seeds:

Of course, you don’t have to eat organic nuts and seeds but they are better in regards to having fewer sprays and pesticides used on them. I absolutely love snacking on portion controlled nuts and seeds because they really do a fantastic job of filling me up and keeping me satisfied between meals. I usually consume these in the afternoons and even evenings. The serving depends on your calorie allocation and budget because a good serve is anywhere between 15-30g. 30g servings are the most substantial and tend to be what I do unless I am having another snack with it or a meal is literally around the corner. Nuts are full of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. They’re absolutely fantastic and should definitely be used. Some of my favorite nuts and seeds are raw almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, and pepitas. If you’re watching your calories be weary of which nuts you consume in large dosages. Brazil nuts and walnuts are relatively high at 675 calories per 100g so enjoy no more than 30g serves but believe me when I say that’s enough to feel full and satisfied… plus it’s still less than 200 calories.


Chia seed pudding in glass jar.

Chia Seed Pudding:

I never really crave chia seed pudding but when I do have it, I really enjoy it. Mostly because they’re sweet and refreshing and also because they’re filling and energizing. My recipe really helps me wake up due to the mineral and vitamins found in these amazing little seeds. I use 2 tbsp. Of chia seeds, which is about 14g and I mix it with 1 cup of plant-based milk, stevia extract, cinnamon, and vanilla extract full only 100 calories. You could make it a little bigger and use a whole ounce of chia seeds and still have it be less than 200 calories. Because I live sugar-free I don’t usually add fruit but please feel free to if you love your fruit. Chia seed pudding can be enjoyed any time of day. I usually love to have mine in the afternoon and sometimes if I’m craving chocolate I’ll add a teaspoon or 2 of cacao powder. It’s the best way to get your chocolate cravings solved while boosting your energy.


rice crackers with tomato, avocado and mozzarella cheese

Rice Cakes:

I am in love with rice cakes and avocado. I literally eat this almost every day or night. This is my go-to snack because it’s so filling and satisfying. I usually add some cherry tomatoes and fresh sprouts or micro greens to my rice cake to add flavor and nutrition. This is my old time love and I highly recommend you try this. For less than 200 calories you can enjoy in three thin rice cakes or 2 thick ones with ½ an avocado (about 60g). You will feel full, satisfied, healthy, and energised. Please enjoy these any time of day. But don’t limit your imagination with rice cakes because I also suggest enjoying them with your favorite nut butter or even some sliced tomato, cucumber and olive oil. Sometimes simple is best!


almond butter in a white bowl with a knife dipped in it on a white background with raw almonds next to it

Nut Butters:

I actually rarely enjoy nut butters on their own only because I tend to lack self-control but I’ve added it to the list because I do enjoy it on my rice cakes and it does do a fabulous job satisfying me between meals. My favorite nut butters include unhulled tahini, sprouted pumpkin seeds butter and sprouted almond butter by Dastony. It’s expensive but totally worth it! You can also enjoy nut butter on nori sheets or celery sticks for healthy low-calorie snack ideas. I usually enjoy nut butters as a pre-workout or when I am craving something rich in the afternoons but you could enjoy it any time of day you desire. A healthy serving of nut butter is 20-30g. Nut butter is relatively high in calories so definitely weigh your portions to keep calories in check. My favorite way is to enjoy either 20-30g of almond butter on a celery log or spread between two nori sheets and the other way is 15-20g spread over one rice cracker with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon or sea salt. If you’re looking for some comfort food enjoy a decent spread of your favorite nut butter on a sprouted piece of toast or your favorite sliced bread. The calories will be a lot higher but your satisfaction levels will be met and I can vouch for it.


Two slices of avocado isolated on the white background. One slice with core.


Avocado is a wonderfully healthy, nutritious, delicious snack and it really shouldn’t be left this low on the list but it is. Avocado is full of fiber and healthy fats and of course, you know how healthy it is already. It really is a super food because in the serving I am recommending, which is 100g, you receive just 160 calories, 13% of your potassium intake, 16% vitamin C, 15% B6, 7% magnesium, and 3% iron just to literally name a few. I’d be here all day if I wrote the rest down. Most importantly you get 15g of total healthy fat mostly coming from monounsaturated fats and a whopping 7g of fiber. This little snack of avocado on its own with some fresh lemon/lime juice and sea salt or chili flakes if you desire will be one of the greatest things you could eat for yourself. You will get the biggest energy boost or your life and feel absolutely healthy and vitalized and it will likely encourage you to eat sometimes healthy as your next meal because you wouldn’t want to lose how good you’re feeling. This snack can be enjoyed any time of day or night. Feel free to turn it into a little guacamole with some cherry tomatoes and red onion and enjoy it with some fresh carrot sticks for a larger substantial snack.



Bowl of fresh popcorn on white wooden background

Organic Popcorn:

Organic freshly home-popped popcorn is not really a snack I eat often but when I crave it, it’s highly satisfying due to its large fiber content. A decent serve of homemade popcorn is an ounce (28g) and you can enjoy it as is with some sea salt for just 212 calories. Feel free to add some of your favorite oil to increase the flavor and satiety of the snack as long as you don’t go crazy because in the end it’s just a snack 😉 Popcorn is a wonderful snack for the afternoon or evening.


Delicious coconut pancakes decorated with almond shavings on table


Yes, I have gone through phases where I have made pancakes for my morning tea and it’s honestly a wonderful filling snack. Some mornings after a workout I will have a light breakfast smoothie straight away but 2 hours later I am relatively hungry again, which is when I enjoy some pancakes, which are about 300 calories. My pancake recipe options are usually sprouted buckwheat with chia seeds, and oat bran/LSA or rice protein powder/LSA, psyllium husk, and egg whites. It completely depends on what I am feeling. But you can make any healthy pancakes you desire to enjoy as a filling snack for afternoon or morning tea.



slices of organic fruit rock melon and watermelon isolated on a white background

Fresh Fruit:

Fresh fruit is another amazing snack when you need to tie hunger over. Fresh fruit especially is made up of lots of water, which makes it a hydrating and satisfying snack to choose. Some of my favorite go to fruits include organic apples, bananas, organic berries, grapefruit, and melons. I opt for fruit mostly in the morning, or before a workout, post workout or simply when I need a hit to my sugar cravings. I see fruit as nature’s dessert so I enjoy it moderately and only on occasions. Fruit can be relatively low in calories, which also makes it a great snack for weight loss as well.


So there you have 14 of my favorite and best healthy snacks ideas for weight loss. I know they’re not super sexy but they’re realistic for busy women who just don’t have time to make extravagant snacks between meals.


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Lots of love,


Elizabeth Marks

Having been overweight and unhealthy her whole childhood, Elizabeth turned things around 6 years ago and hasn't looked back. Her passion for health and weight loss is only second to her immense knowledge and creativity for delicious low calorie cooking. A Marathon runner, Entrepreneur, Soccer Lover and fan of all things Diamond.