Our Review Of The Hugely Successful Organifi Green Juice Drink

Today, people are more aware than ever of the importance of consuming a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. At the same time, however, they struggle to find time in their busy days to eat properly. It’s little wonder that the market for green juices has exploded lately. The question, however, is which of these products are worth your while? With its proprietary formula of green superfoods and incredible convenience, Organifi Green Juice is worth a closer look.

The Basics

Organifi, the company behind this easy-to-use green juice, is the brainchild of Drew Canole. Canole is best known for being the founder of Fit Life TV, a popular fitness company. The company’s line of juices, which includes the Green Juice that is the subject of this review, was introduced in 2014. It hit the market right when the green juice craze was picking up steam, and it has grown steadily in popularity in the years since.

Promised Benefits

Before assessing the actual benefits of this product, let’s take a look at what the manufacturer claims that it can do. According to marketing information on the official website, this juice is jam-packed with powerful, green superfoods that deliver crucial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and macro- and micronutrients. Organifi promises that this is the best-tasting green juice on the market today, and it claims that this product can improve mental clarity; boost immunity; reduce stress; detoxify the body; rejuvenate the skin and improve overall health. That’s a tall order, so let’s see whether this juice makes good on it. Organifi Green Juice nutrition facts:

Organifi Ingredients Label


At the end of the day, even the slickest marketing campaigns can’t make up for inferior ingredients. As they say, the proof is in the pudding—so what exactly goes into each bottle of Organifi Green Juice? All of the ingredients that are found in this proprietary formula are guaranteed USDA organic, and they are also soy-free, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO. Without further ado, here’s what you will get in each serving of this ultra-convenient, gently dried superfood greens powder mix:

  • Coconut water – The benefits of coconut water have been understood for some time, but people have really embraced it as a healthy addition to their diets over the last several years. One of its top benefits is that it facilitates the distribution of nutrients through the bloodstream, which ensures that you get the most out of every last ingredient in this formula. It is also loaded with potassium, so it’s a great, natural source of that important mineral.
  • Beets – This formula contains organic beets, which means that it delivers many of this vegetable’s exciting health benefits. For one thing, beets are loaded with folate, a form of vitamin B, and manganese. The former is prized for its ability to ward off birth defects and for providing extra energy; the latter is known for boosting bone, kidney and liver health. As an added bonus, beets are high in fiber and in vitamin C, which helps to boost immune function.
  • Chlorella – In addition to adding a bold blast of flavor, chlorella, a form of green algae, is loaded with proteins that help to support strong muscles. The plant is also prized for its incredible detoxifying powers as it flushes impurities out of the system. A true superfood, it is associated with improved hormonal functioning and cardiovascular health, so it delivers a host of exceptional health benefits.
  • Wheatgrass – The addition of wheatgrass brings many additional health benefits to this already powerful green juice. It has been said that wheatgrass contains every mineral known to man; this is an exaggeration, of course, but this plant really is packed to the gills with great stuff. In addition to delivering an array of vitamins and minerals, its 17 amino acids aid in detoxification and healing. The healing aspects of this plant allow you to bounce back from illness or injury more quickly.
  • Lemon – A splash of lemon helps to build the flavor profile of this terrifically delicious drink, but it does a lot more than that. Lemon, of course, is calming and cooling to the senses. The fruit has also been associated with improved immune functioning and blood sugar stabilization. Lemon is also known to aid in indigestion, and it has been shown to help to control the appetite as well, which may aid in weight loss.
  • Mint – It’s easy to assume that mint is only included in this formula because of its sharp, distinctive flavor. In reality, however, this plant is part of the Organifi Green Juice drink because it delivers many additional exciting benefits as well. Its calming effects may help you to wind down after a long, hectic day, which can help you to sleep more soundly. It is also known for aiding in digestion, and the plant has been shown to help stop cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods.
  • Matcha green tea – Green tea in general is excellent for your health, but Matcha green tea is even better for you still. Its primary claim to fame is its high levels of something called epigallocatechin gallate. Abbreviated as EGCG, this plant phenol is highly bioactive, which means that it is very likely to interact with cellular processes and various organic molecules. Studies have shown that it may help to reduce stress, regulate hormones and even reduce appetite.
  • Turmeric – Commonly used as a spice in cooking, turmeric is also widely used and prized for its exceptional health and medicinal qualities. Loaded with powerful, bioactive compounds and antioxidants, it has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which can aid in healing. This also helps to reduce pain, which is a great bonus for those who are into active physical activities. In this green juice, it also bolsters the overall flavor profile, helping to make it truly delicious.
  • Spirulina – This blue-green algae has taken center stage in the world of health foods over the last few years as more and more people discover its many exciting benefits. A freshwater plant, spirulina is best known for its ability to stabilize blood sugar levels in the body, which can help to control cravings. It is also packed full of vitamins and minerals that help to lower blood pressure and to boost energy levels. Like many ingredients in this product, spirulina is also loaded with antioxidants that help to stave off harmful free radicals in the body.
  • Moringa – Perhaps the least familiar ingredient on the list for most, moringa, which is a leaf from what is also known as the horseradish tree, is also among the most important in this formula. That is because this powerful plant is a standout when it comes to boosting metabolism. As metabolism levels rise, fat loss accelerates. This also helps to increase energy levels, so you can get more from your workouts. On top of all of that, this plant has been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels and to reduce inflammation.
  • Ashwagandha – Another less-than-familiar ingredient, ashwagandha is a plant that is native to India. Its name roughly translates to mean “horse smell” because of its pungent odor. This plant is an adaptogen, which means that it may help the body to manage stress levels and stress responses. It is made up of a complex combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help to reduce levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the “stress hormone,” and reducing its levels has been shown to boost overall health and well-being.

How Organifi Works

As you will find other Organifi reviews, this green juice couldn’t be easier to use. Unlike many other health drinks, there is no need to buy special ingredients or to use a blender or other equipment. Rather than measuring out multiple ingredients and ending up with a big mess to clean up, you simply measure out one scoop of powder and mix it with a glass of water. From mixing this juice to consuming it, you are looking at only about a minute or two total to get your daily fix of green superfoods—and that is quite a feat.

Highest Quality Ingredients


It’s natural to be concerned about affordability when assessing health foods and green juices like this one. When stacked up against similar products on the market today, this green juice from Organifi is remarkably affordable. One bottle, which includes enough for a 30-day supply, retails for $47.95; this is equal to just over $1.50 per day, which is much cheaper than what you would pay for a smoothie or other organic health drinks. You can save by purchasing two, three or four at one time too.

Side Effects and Warnings

Because it consists of USDA organic, all-natural ingredients, this green juice isn’t known to trigger any serious side effects. However, if you are allergic to any of the individual ingredients—like wheat or chlorella—it probably isn’t right for you. This drink is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

It should also be noted that this drink is not designed to serve as a meal replacement, and you are still encouraged to consume a healthy diet of whole, organic foods for best results.

Organifi Reviews

Online reviews of this green juice are overwhelmingly positive. On Amazon, for example, it currently has an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars. People cite its organic ingredients, convenience and health benefits as its best advantages. This product is independently reviewed on dozens of websites, and individual user reviews are readily available as well. From what we have seen, this product not only appears to stack up with the top options on the market today, it even outshines them in certain ways.

Pros and Cons Of Organifi Green Juice:

Some of the top advantages of using this nutrient-packed green juice include:


  • No buying, chopping or measuring of ingredients; everything that you need is included in the mix
  • No blending required; just mix with water, and you are good to go
  • Backed up by a 30-day, 100-percent money-back guarantee
  • Loaded with superfood ingredients that are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and soy-free
  • Delicious, refreshing taste that makes it one of the best-tasting green superfood drinks on the market today

The vast majority of people who try this green juice are happy with it and have no serious complaints. Nothing is perfect, however, and a few of the potential drawbacks of this product include:


  • May not be suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Individual ingredients may pose problems for people who suffer from certain allergies
  • Best price is only available when you buy in bulk, which is not an option for everyone

Is Organifi Right for You?

Although this product provides affordable nutrition that averages just $1.50 per day or less, a one-month supply will set you back by about $50. It is understandable to want to make sure that you will truly benefit from such a product before investing serious money in it. Fortunately, this product is backed up by a 30-day, 100-percent money-back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with it for any reason, you may return it to the manufacturer within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Therefore, you assume very little risk in giving this product a try. Otherwise, it is right for you if you are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle but worry about getting enough of those all-important green superfoods in your diet. Once a day, all that you need to do is measure out a scoop of this mix, combine it with water and drink it. What could be easier?

The Bottom Line

In a field that is jam-packed with competition, it isn’t easy for any given superfood organic drink to stand out from the crowd. However, when compared with the vast majority of similar products on the market right now, this green juice rises above the rest. From its delicious taste to its excellent nutritional profile to its ease of use, you would be hard-pressed to find better or more affordable options out there. This Organifi Green Juice review gives the product two thumbs up.


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