Have you ever wondered what the best way to make alkaline water at home is? From the dozens of methods out there, we’ve narrowed the list down to give you the truth about the best and worst ways to make alkaline water at home.

We tested a Alkaline filter jug, A Carbon filter jug, pH Drops, Bicarb Soda, Standard tap water, as well as a combination of Alkaline Filter & Bicarb soda.

Because this test was for the pH of the water before it entered the body, unfortunately we were unable to test the common Lemon Method because this creates Alkalizing water, not alkaline water. I explain the difference in the video below.

As I mentioned in the video, here are the links for both the pH Drops as well as the Fill2Pure pH Jug.

Alkalife pH Drops : http://goo.gl/7YTLsm
Fill2Pure pH Alkaline Water Jug

What are your favorite ways to make alkaline water at home? Share your methods in the comments below.

Matt Clark

A Black Belt and former National Squad member in karate, Matt takes athletic performance to the next level. He personally trains top level athletes to perform and look their best through strategic nutrition and scientific based approaches. Matt is an Entrepreneur, Bodybuilder and passionate cook.