Losing weight can be hard or easy, depending on the person you are. That means if you have a negative association with food, as in you eat for pleasure and to move away from pain, than losing weight is harder for you than others.

I am just like you.

I am someone who eats when I am tired, bored and lonely. Food brings me so so much pleasure and because of this losing and then maintaining weight has been really hard for me to achieve.

But I have found ways to handle my emotional eating and that is by changing the bad habits I have into better ones.


And if you’re anything like me, then you’ll also find these weight loss tips beneficial too:


Eat a High protein breakfast– I am blood type A and because of this eating protein and lots of it first thing in the morning really sets me up for eating less calories throughout the day. I usually start my morning with a really high protein green smoothie. It usually contains frozen broccoli (highest protein content veggies!), fresh baby spinach, Vanilla brown rice protein (1 & 1/2 serves), stevia rebA95, vanilla essence, slippery elm bark powder (for my sensitive digestion tract), supergreens (2 serves), alkalife Ph drops, and cacao powder. This stabilises my blood sugar levels, and keeps me full for longer. From here on I eat every 2-3 hours because that’s my preference of eating. Because I have sensitive blood sugar levels, this is important for me to do to eliminate a chance of a “binge”.


For other blood types starting your morning with warm rolled oats or some scrambled eggs might benefit you more! You simply need to test and measure, which healthy start makes you feel better and healthier.


Drink 4-5 Liters of water a day– For people who can’t imaging drinking more than 1 litre a day, this may seem impossible and you’re probably right. I drink this much water water with some ph drops and 2 litres with super greens (that’s a total of 3 serves of supergreens a day). I drink so much so I can stabilise my energy levels, reduce my appetites, flush out toxins from my body, and increase my concentration.


The biggest secret to weight loss no matter who you are, is drinking heaps of water.


Get 8+ hours a sleep per night– Again this is very important for my blood sugar and stress levels because when I am tired i will eat way more food than I need and want and because of this I gain weight and so if you’re anything like me, getting enough sleep is important for you too!


I believe it’s better to miss a workout and get your 8 hours of sleep in versus waking early and exercising when you’re tire…again this works for me but may not for you! Nevertheless, getting in over 8 hours sleep per night will leave you energised, happy and motivated to fulfil a jam-packed day, that I recommend.


Meditate– Meditation is good for many reasons and the most important ones in my opinion is to calm and relax your mind, to help handle stress better, to think more positively and to be more connected with yourself. We often eat out of loneliness, boredom and stress, if we meditate we may be able to eliminate these emotions. This will then help us consume fewer calories and feel much better and more peaceful overall.


Eat Moderately and Slowly- It’s not about what you eat but how much you eat. Coming from me who is an extreme advocate of eating healthy, this is hard to say but it is however the truth. This means it’s not about eliminating grains, carbs, gluten, dairy, sugar or even going vegan. It’s about eating what you feel like, what makes you feel good inside and what your body is asking for. Also not eating large amounts of food at once will save you hundreds of calories, tummy upsets and the best part “food guilt”. So next time you sit down to eat, stay away from your computer screen, put down your phone, move away from the TV and fully concentrate and focus on the wonderful, beautiful and nutritious food, that is in front of you. It helps to show appreciation and gratitude for your food also. You don’t have to thank God, but rather just accept and acknowledge how lucky you are to have healthy tasty food in front of you, when so many are not as fortunate. This will help prevent you from overeating, which will lead to weight loss.

Support- Getting support and encouragement from family and friends towards your health lifestyle is really important and in fact a crucial part of your success. If you’re wanting to eat healthier and exercise regularly but you have girlfriends or perhaps your partner are instead trying to put you down, make you feel bad or worse convince you out of it, then you will not succeed no matter what.


If you need to find more support groups you can on either on social media groups like instagram and facebook group pages, or you could even follow people on twitter who inspire and motivate you. Whatever you do if your network isn’t supportive of your new values and goals it’s time to ditch them or else sadly you won’t ever succeed.


Moderate Exercise– This is mentioned last because It’s the least important weight loss tip in this list. Getting oxygen in your system is very important for mental clarity and health, however we stress too much about the exercises we do and less about the other 6 points, which are more important for weight loss success. Exercising moderating means rigorous exercise 3-4 times a week or low-moderate exercises 6-7 days a week. If yoga and tai chi is your thing that’s fine or perhaps HIIT training and 40 minutes tough bootcamp sessions work best for you, whatever it is do it what you enjoy and just do it regularly and consistently. Combine that with the 6 other tips and you will have absolute weight loss success in the happiest and easiest way possible!

Elizabeth Marks

Having been overweight and unhealthy her whole childhood, Elizabeth turned things around 6 years ago and hasn't looked back. Her passion for health and weight loss is only second to her immense knowledge and creativity for delicious low calorie cooking. A Marathon runner, Entrepreneur, Soccer Lover and fan of all things Diamond.